ACESPADE software looks neat, but a bit expensive for me to try. Luckily there are a
few hands played by the software showed on their website as followed
The one of my interest is the North hand. It plays differently than my chinese poker calculator. My arrangement is on
the left hand side which ranks number one. His is on the right hand side which ranks number two also by my
calculator. Who plays correctly?
This iPad/iPhone tool is still under development and needs graphics, but it is good enough to use. My tool has the
ability to play two arrangements of the same hand at the same time. I played 100 times.
His arrangement is tagged as "player" and my arrangement is tagged as "nlsim".
The six numbers on the lower right corner are statistics for two arrangements.
I play 100 times. Acespade gets 52 "correct" arrangements and NLSIM gets 68 "correct" arrangements. The term
"correct" means it is the arrangement that wins most points or loses least points out of ALL possible arrangements.
Remember that two different arrangements might be both "correct".
My "mistake" after 100 deals costs me 92 points.
His "mistake" after 100 deals costs him 139 points.
Each player starts out with 500 points. After 100 deals, I have 562 points and acespade has 515 points.
Hey, NLSIM plays better on this specific hand, the hand that Acespade is proud enough to show on their "showcase".
What is the deal here? His arrangement is weak in the middle as it has only a pair of JJ which, believe me,
is going to lose a lot of times.
On the other hand, my arrangement is weak at the top as I have a trash of "4 8 K". But remember, this
hand has three Aces. So a trash with K is actually pretty good.
Anyway, it is not me to decide, my calculator did. ^_^